Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fear and Impatience

Relax and Enjoy God's Goodness Today!

Bid the older women similarly to be reverent and devout in their deportment as becomes those engaged in sacred service, not slanderers or slaves to drink. They are to give good counsel and be teachers of what is right and noble,  So that they will wisely train the young women to be sane and sober of mind (Gk. 'sophronizo') and to love their husbands and their children,  To be self-controlled, chaste, homemakers, good-natured (kindhearted), adapting and subordinating themselves to their husbands, that the word of God may not be exposed to reproach (blasphemed or discredited). 

~ Titus 2:3-5 AMP

FEAR and IMPATIENCE are two main inhibitors that often keep us from a fulfilled life.  

FEAR imprisons and paralyzes us while IMPATIENCE drives us forward prematurely.  FEAR causes the Believer to fall far behind while IMPATIENCE can drive the same Believer too far ahead and out of the position and favor of God. 

These two are the antithesis of DISCIPLINE and DEVOTION.  Does that bring back memories of 2 Timothy 1:7?  

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control (Gk. 'sophronismos').  

Both words hail from the root word 'sophron'.  

Sozo - ‘to heal, deliver and make whole’ AND Phren - ‘the mind, feelings and understanding’  

2 Timothy 1:7 proclaims that our LORD has not given us a spirit of fear, but HE has given us the Spirit of Power and Love which ‘MAKES a sound and whole mind’!  That is such powerful wisdom for living!

Now, with that, comes our great responsibility and privilege of TEACHING and TRAINING the younger women of the church ‘making them of a sound mind’.  

Did you notice that the Teacher is a ‘teacher of good things’ both in word and deed?  That is where we really learn, isn’t it - through both a woman’s LIPS as well as her LIVING?  

Here are FIVE beautiful ways to G.R.A.C.E. one another so that the Word of God is not blasphemed, our lives are fruitful, we are completely satisfied, and a lost and perishing world can’t help but notice the difference!


R - REMOVE THE OLD - Galatians 5:19-21; Ephesians 4:20-23;Colossians 3:8-9

A - ACCEPT THE NEW - Galatians 5:22-23

C - CONTINUE IN STEADFAST PRAYER for one another - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17; Philippians 1:18b-19; Acts 2:42

E - ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER to persevere and grow in the grace and knowledge of the LORD - Hebrews 10:24

 Father God, You are the One Who is able to bring ORDER and LIGHT from the chaos and darkness in our lives.  I thank You that You are faithful to do so and even now, Your Spirit is regenerating our lives from the inside out.  B'SHEM YESHUA ADONEINU!


jcdisciple said...

Wow!! So true! Last year God removed a lot of fear from my life, but this year I have turned to "impatience". I let the boldness from my newfound "faith" in God's power and 'REALNESS' cause me to run ahead of Him and get out of His perfect will; which is to "wait" like Joseph (and Christ) until my time has come. AND to be faithful in the "little" things (like meal planning so my family can have a hot meal, cleaning the grime under the toilet, and patiently reading 5 books to my son while I 'wait' on him to finish using the potty. :0). It is these little things that build and store treausures in eternity when my time comes. Isn't it funny how we can "know" something, but we have keep "forgetting" it until we finally "get" it!!

Love you post as always,


Michele Williams said...

Thank you for this great post! Love the acrostic. God bless you.

lynnmosher said...

Hello, Carmen! I'm finally rebuilding my favorites and bookmarks. I lost them all when my old computer went kaput and I got a new one. I love doing word studies so I love reading your posts. Grace and blessings to you...Lynn

LauraLee Shaw said...

Oh yes, awesome post, dear sister. That acrostic is fantastic! It is by His grace, we can do what he's called us to do, living in Holy Boldness for His glory!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these words and thoughts and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Carmen. They have touched me today and will allow for further contemplation.
May God continue to bless you in your ministry to so many.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

But as for me, Heaven forbid that I should boast about anything except the execution-stake of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah! Through Him, as far as I am concerned, the world has been put to death on the stake; and through Him, as far as the world is concerned, I have been put to death on the stake.  For neither being circumcised nor being uncircumcised matters; what matters is being a NEW CREATION. And as many as order their lives by this rule, shalom upon them and mercy, and upon the Isra'el of God! 

~ Galatians 6:14-16

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