Monday, April 27, 2015

Ezer Kenegdo


But who are you, Woman?

I’m telling you that you’ll NEVER know who you are until YOU find out Who HE is (til then, you’re just guessing).


So Who are you?  Does anyone know?  Whose Image are you created in?  Then, let’s START THERE.  You can find out when you go back to the beginning. 


HOW was she created?  What did God call her?  How was she introduced in the Text?

**open your Bibles to Genesis 2:18**

NASB ©HebrewTransliterationStrong'sDefinitionOrigin
Then the LORDיְהוָ֣הYah·weh3068the proper name of the God of Israelfrom havah
Godאֱלֹהִ֔יםe·lo·him,430God, godpl. of eloah
said,וַיֹּ֙אמֶר֙vai·yo·mer559to utter, saya prim. root
"It is not goodטֹ֛ובto·vv2896apleasant, agreeable, goodfrom tob
for the manהָֽאָדָ֖םha·'a·dam120man, mankindfrom an unused word
to be alone;לְבַדֹּ֑וle·vad·dov;905separation, a partfrom badad
I will makeאֶֽעֱשֶׂהּ־e·'e·seh-6213ado, makea prim. root
him a helperעֵ֖זֶרe·zer5828a help, helperfrom azar
suitableכְּנֶגְדֹּֽו׃ke·neg·dov.5048in front of, in sight of, opposite tofrom nagad
for him."

EZER KENEGDO means ‘help, surround, protection and aid’ FOR Adam when he’s walking with the LORD and AGAINST him when he’s not, IN ORDER TO turn him back to ADONAI ELOHEINU (LORD our God).

READ: Genesis 3:1-5

 1 Now the serpent (Hb. nachash) was more crafty than any wild animal which Adonai, God, had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You are not to eat from any tree in the garden’?” 2 The woman answered the serpent, “We may eat from the fruit of the trees of the garden, 3 but about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, ‘You are neither to eat from it nor touch it, or you will die.’” 4 The serpent said to the woman, “It is not true that you will surely die; 5 because God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Nachash means ‘to diligently observe'.  That's what the serpent did then.  That's what he does today.  The thief/serpent/adversary came to circumvent THIS HOLY IMAGE WITHIN YOU - which he greatly dislikes!  He doesn’t want God’s Image to BE, his job is to ‘steal, kill & destroy’ (John 10:10).

When Adam and Eve welcomed chaos into their life and relationship with God and with one another, they became ABOUT THEIR OWN individual IMAGES.  We became about our own little ‘i’ images.  We are no longer one...

Genesis 3:16 - To the woman He said, "I will greatly multiply Your pain in [1] childbirth, In pain you will bring [2] forth children; Yet your desire (teshuqah) will be for your husband, And he [3] will rule (mashal) over you."
teshuqah: manipulate/devour as a beast
mashal: dominate/overpower

HERE’s where we humans get it all wrong.  We GIRLS live our lives revolving around our own little ‘i’ image....we are about our own little 'i' images that are broken, flawed, despairing, comparing and wanting more but not knowing how or where MORE comes from.  So, in our confusion and frustration, we look for this LOVE in ALL THE WRONG PLACES AND SPACES of this world.

The essence of who ADONAI has made us as women comes out and over not only our husbands, but also our children, and influences everything we do, every relationship we have.  If we are guided/governed by His Spirit, that will come out as help, surround, protection and aid BY HIS SPIRIT’S POWER to keep our Adam’s (Ish/husband) walk tight with ADONAI (and others we influence as well).  We are CLOSE to HIS Presence.  If I’m walking in the Spirit...if I’m NEAR GOD (as the Temple Priesthood suggests)...I won’t have to tell you or say a single’ll FEEL IT.

If, however, we are ruled by our flesh, it comes out as manipulation, devouring (as a beast - teshuqah translated as ‘desire’ in Genesis 3:16) in order to get our way (selfish gain).  Is this you?  (Don't feel too badly.  This can be undone by the Power of His Word and His Spirit within His people!  It's called discipleship.)

How are you using your incredible godly influence - HIS power that HE instilled within you for His purpose?  Is it in HIS IMAGE/POWER (producing fruit/LIFE/shalom/unity) or is it in your own little ‘i’ image/manipultive power producing discord, division, death, chaos?  ONE of these two WILL BE HAPPENING, Ezer Kenegdo.

 Until you allow the Spirit of God to speak to the Image of God IN’ll always be about your own image. 

We are Ezer Kenegdo, called after Himself on purpose, with purpose.  What will you do with this new found Truth?

KNOW ADONAI ELOHEINU...then you'll understand YOU.


Destiny O said...

I love love love this Carmen! I was just wondering when it comes to the 'Adams' in our lives...what are practical ways to be against when we see them going astray? Without being controlling and manipulative?

Des said...

Hi Carmen! When it comes to the 'Adams' in our lives how can we practically be for them when we see them going astray - Without coming off manipulative or controlling? Would love your insight!

Carmen said...

That’s the million $$ question, Des! Well, understand that the quickest/most efficient way to SEE changes in her husband is to ALLOW HERSELF to be changed. We can’t change one person (or ourselves) BUT we CAN be so changed, they begin to ask questions. 1 Peter 3 says ‘the unbelieving spouse may be won by THE CONDUCT of his wife, WITHOUT her saying a word’. That’s powerful. That means SHE’S SO NEAR THE LORD - being unbound by others Titus 2:3-5 - that her spouse eventually comes around, too. NOW (caveat), if the sister is not married yet, this really doesn’t apply because he may not be the one for her IF she feels like she’s constantly needing him to change directions in order to ‘walk with the LORD’ that she's walking with. (a very common mistake many of us make/have made...including myself) This is another instance where godly wisdom/counsel from older Sisters who love her, and know her is so valuable. It’s a journey, Sister!!!

Nicole D. said...

Love this, Carmen!! I'm so thankful I get to glean from your wisdom!

But as for me, Heaven forbid that I should boast about anything except the execution-stake of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah! Through Him, as far as I am concerned, the world has been put to death on the stake; and through Him, as far as the world is concerned, I have been put to death on the stake.  For neither being circumcised nor being uncircumcised matters; what matters is being a NEW CREATION. And as many as order their lives by this rule, shalom upon them and mercy, and upon the Isra'el of God! 

~ Galatians 6:14-16

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